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by Black Men Homeschool | Season 2, Episode 9

About the Black Men Homeschool Podcast


We have put together this site as a way to support and encourage each other as Black homeschooling fathers. We want to share ideas, sharpen ourselves, and become better homeschooling fathers together. Additionally, we can discuss issues that are important to Black homeschooling fathers. 

About the Race and Faith Cyphers Podcast

A cypher in rap culture refers to several people rapping one after another to the same beat and maintaining a flow. This podcast uses the concept of a rap cypher to discuss issues of race, faith, social justice, inequality, family and culture. Each cypher is an ongoing conversation led by Jason Esters and Richard M. Smith, two Black men of faith who are academics and homeschooling fathers. The point is not to battle each other, but instead communicate in such a way that the flow goes unbroken, at times including new voices in the cypher to offer fresh insights and further the discussion.

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Richard M. Smith

Richard M. Smith

Jason B. Esters

Jason B. Esters

These podcasts, these conversations, are our way of supporting  and encouraging each other as Black homeschooling fathers. We have different stories, but share the same faith. Iron sharpens iron, and our purpose is to share ideas, sharpen ourselves, and become better together. 

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